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Long lens landscape photography with Mike Browne

There is a myth that when doing landscape photography you really need a wide angle lens, such as the 10mm lens we talk about in an earlier post. One of our favourite lenses here is the 70-200mm Canon F2.8 II L USM, the lens is optically superb and the quality of the pictures outstanding. The photo below was taken with the aforementioned lens last night in Wimborne, overlooking the hills of Colehill:

colehill-landscape copyright Tom Oswald

Colehill Dorset, 70-200mm Canon F2.8 II L USM. (c) Tom Oswald

When taking this picture we wanted to see the trees in the background, and the sun streaming through the clouds as it set. To do this with a wide angle lens would have resulted in significantly less detail in the distance!

In the video below, Mike Browne explains using long focal length lenses in much greater detail and we hope you enjoy his discussion!
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Do you use a long focal length lens for landscape shots? Please link to them in the commets!

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    Peter Millar
    December 10, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    Yes, another vote for telephoto landscapes, which let you pick up the most interesting details of a scene. In fact my latest upload to CAS was a landscape at 200mm, here

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