WeeklyImogen discusses Facebook Vs Photographers

We have written several previous articles on Facebook and what a poor platform it is to use for pretty much anything these days. Recently a photographer in Berlin, Germany, sued Facebook because when you upload a a photo to Facebook, they remove all the EXIF data from the photo (this is the data that shows exposure time/ISO etc to the side of your images on ClickASnap) What this then means is that anyone can download the photo and it is completely untraceable, and as downloading photos from facebook is probably the easiest thing to do anywhere, it is obviously very prolific.

WeeklyImogen a very popular photography Youtuber recently published a video on this on her Youtube channel. Take a couple of minutes to watch it, as if this could be brought to all corners of the world your images could finally have some protection from being stolen on Facebook…

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What do you think about this? Do you post photos onto Facebook, and if so, do you do anything to protect them?

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