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Tips & Tricks of Macro photography with WeeklyImogen

There is an awesome selection of Macro photos on our free photo hosting site ClickASnap. Users like Digitalis who regularly post super close ups of insects like this and users like ClickASnap site owner who Tom Oswald who carries out super macro photography, often of the human eye like this one.

Macro photography is certainly a fascinating realm of photography to explore, and just for trialling can be relatively inexpensive, particularly if using reversing rings as discussed here by Mike Browne. WeeklyImogen, a famous Youtube photography tutor has produced this introduction to Marco photography video, outlining basic tips and tricks and how to handle a macro lens. So if you fancy exploring macro photography then spending a couple of minutes watching WeeklyImogens’ tutorial will save you considerable frustration in the short term!

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Do you have any Macro photography tips?

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