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How to soften skin using photoshop?

Have you ever taken a photo of a subject, got home and looked at your photos and seen your subject has had a bit of a bad skin day? As a photographer you always want your photos to show the best possible view of your client, and sometimes, that means using a bit of Photoshop to clear things up a bit. As part of our lightroom and Photoshop educational series we are pleased to present our first video. This video shows you how to quickly soften up skin to get that perfect image and make your client super happy!
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    April 17, 2017 at 10:28 pm

    It works as a quick fix, I believe Surface Blur is designed for this type of work as it retains edges, gaussian loses a lot of skin texturing.
    The Frequency Separation technique is also great at doing this job.
    100 ways to do the same job in PS, not that the client ever notices your hard work 🙂

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