My Clickasnap account has been banned! What can I do?

So, you’ve discovered Clickasnap, the World’s only photo sharing platform where you get paid by people just looking at your photos. You sign up, upload some photos then come back the next day only to discover that your account has been banned.

Firstly, let’s establish why your account has been banned:

  1. You found us via some video saying you can upload images from Google images or a free stock site like Unsplash or Pixabay right? Wrong! All content on the platform is moderated, and if you upload photos that you have personally not created you’ll get promptly banned
  2. You decided to treat us like Facebook and upload a Meme or selfie. Nope, we’re not facebook or snapchat. Keep that rubbish on those sites please or = banned
  3. You dumped a load of poor quality, ill thought out imagery onto our site. Again, keep that for the rubbish sites, not ours or, you guessed it, you get banned
  4. You uploaded your own content which is of a high quality but didn’t name it properly, this will likely flag our moderators. Contact us and we’ll unban your account
  5. Your imagery is amazing, so our moderators want to check it really is your work. Contact us and we’ll unban your account

Once a Clickasnap account is banned, other than for reasons (4) and (5) it will not be unbanned and the email is blacklisted. You can of course setup another account, under a new email and username, which is fine, but if you repeat your first mistakes your account will be promptly banned again.

If you’ve paid to upgrade, breached our rules and gotten banned, we don’t offer refunds. Sorry, make sure you pay attention to our very clear rules before you upload and we’ll get on just fine 🙂

Please enjoy the site. It is not Facebook or Snapchat and we do not expect our users to behave as if they’re on those sites here. Using our platform is a privilege and we can withdraw that from you, and confiscate your earnings should you take advantage of that privilege

Remember, 1 really good photo will get you far more paid views than 10 rubbish photos. Quality versus quantity. Quality wins every time

Tom Oswald

CEO & Founder


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