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Interview with Clickasnap CEO Tom Oswald 3 years on

Mike Browne introduces ClickASnap in 2:56

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Tips & tricks to using Clickasnap

Our photo sharing website is unique in many ways, especially with our paid per view systems. But where we are similar to other sites is where we use algorithms to determine how the site works and what users do.…


Clickasnap quarterly report Q2 2019

As mentioned in our last report, we successfully landed a government digital assistance grant which was spent on Pinterest integration. Our Pro users are already seeing benefits from this. As are we as reflected in our user statistics and…

ClickASnap Tutorials

Selling your photos with ClickASnap in 2019

It’s been a while since we introduced our marketplace that we built and launched in 2017. Since then we have spent considerable time and resources refining and tidying up the marketplace and associated areas. Selling photos is not an…

earning money from your photos

Making money from your photography in 2019

Making money from your photos is always a challenging thing to do. But in 2019 there is a variety of different ways of making money from your photography hobby. You can sell your images as stock photos, sell them…


Darktable map view

For many, it is important to keep track of where their images are taken. Darktable makes this easy for everyone, regardless of whether a given camera has built in GPS or not. The easiest is of course to have…

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ClickASnap integrates Pinterest

Today we release the next stage in the Automated Marketing System (AMS). Currently Pro account holders can schedule posts to promote their content on Twitter and Facebook 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now, they can automatically…