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Interview with Clickasnap CEO Tom Oswald 3 years on

Mike Browne introduces ClickASnap in 2:56


Early Signs of Spring

 With the first official day of spring quickly approaching on 20th march, I was eager to find a day this week, between the forecasts of heavy rain, to venture out and see what early signs of this beautiful season…


The Adaptability Paradox

Before I start, I want to make a very important note that I have written the following purely from the perspective of an observant human being taking note of patterns and synchronicities. Nothing more nothing less. Please read on…


Nostalgia and the Rebirth of Film

There is something unmatched about film photography. The physical nature of the process, from purchasing the camera, loading your film and deciding so carefully what you will devote those limited exposures to, is as much a sport as an…


The importance of photojournalism

“Being able to capture moments that shape our culture, from the good the bad and the ugly is what makes photojournalism one of the most important branches on the photography tree.” The world is a strange place at the…


World book day, 2022

I could not help but smile this morning as I helped a 2-foot-tall Witch clamber up the steps whilst still trying to stay mounted on her broom stick. When we finally reached the 5th and final step, she freed…


From small-town bar tender to Caribbean shores

Being a digital nomad is something we hear about often in today’s business climate. Especially since the pandemic. It is now understood by the wider population that the workplace no longer needs to be confined to the four walls…


Understanding monochromatic photography

After doing a photography project last week, which focused of perfecting my portrait techniques, I found that out of the dozens of good images I had captured, interestingly the consensus was that the top 5 (voted for by my…


In the style of Richard Avedon

As the old saying goes, “never work with children and animals” Well, this proved to be a little hard to avoid this week considering it is the dreaded half term and my two daughters and I are stuck inside…