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Photography tutorials

Top 3 Photography Tips For Newcomers

It can sometimes be hard getting into photography. It’s a quite a dense field, and the temptation is to either jump straight in or spend hours working on theory before you get started. In reality, a mix of both…

Photography tutorials

7 Essential Tips for Great Photography Composition

  Photography composition isn’t always a straightforward process. Although there are ‘rules’ of a sort, breaking these conventions often delivers excellent results. With that in mind, it can be confusing for new photographers to master the art of composition.…

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Posing techniques for photography models

A lot of photographers choose to photograph people, whether that be at a wedding, shooting fashion models or creating family photos. Knowing how to advise people to post can be a great skill to add to your knowledge to…

Photography tutorials

Top 7 Essential Photography Accessories

  There are some accessories that every photographer needs, whether you’re a professional or just starting out with the basics. Photography is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime, but it can soon become frustrating if you’re not correctly prepared. In…

Photography tutorials

Long Exposure Night Photography Basics

  Long exposure night photography is a tricky subject to master. Those familiar with daytime photography theory and best practices can sometimes be left scratching their heads when the sun goes down. Using a long exposure allows you to…