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Interview with Clickasnap CEO Tom Oswald 1 year on

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Site updates

Clickasnap Site updates 03/12/18

Advertisements These updates are now live. Any issues please post in the forums All users can now connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts so uploads are automatically posted to your Facebook page and Twitter timeline when an upload is…

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Photography tutorials

Camera Settings – Do they Matter?

Advertisements Photography amateurs will often become obsessed with knowing what the ‘right’ settings are for a composition. They will look at other photographs and settings and want to know which aperture, shutter speed, and ISO were used to capture…

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How to use Darktable’s Mask Manager

When making local adjustments in Darktable, one of the ways to isolate a part of an image is to use drawn masks. These can be combined in a number of ways, more than you can accomplish directly in the…

Photoshop tutorials

Ten Top Tips for Using Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most powerful tools for photography post-production. There are many useful features that the software has, but some of them aren’t as obvious as others. In this list, we look at ten essential tips…

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Photography tutorials

Seven Tips for Better Camera Poses

No matter which side of the camera you find yourself on, it’s always useful to know how to pose properly. Whether you’re the subject of the shot or the one directing a model, it’s important that you know how…


How to Choose the Right Lens for Astrophotography

Astrophotography is a fascinating and often rewarding field of photography. Capturing the wonder of the Milky Way is incredibly satisfying, but it requires a lot of practice and technical knowledge. Most beginners assume that, if they have a good…

Equipment Reviews

What’s Inside a Canon 1D X Mark II?

Canon’s flagship camera is the 1D X Mark II. It represents the highest quality in consumer photography, offering unbelievably high-quality images and 4K video. It costs around $6000/£5,500 and is one of the priciest cameras on the market. If…


Flickr to delete millions of users images

After being acquired by Smugmug, Flickr is to reduce the limits on free accounts to hosting a mere 1,000 images. A staggering drop from the platforms previous 500,000 free image storage limits. By the looks of it, Smugmug is…