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Interview with Clickasnap CEO Tom Oswald 1 year on

Mike Browne introduces ClickASnap

Tattoo gun

Tattoo gun recorded at 2,000 frames per second!

These days it seems the majority of people have tattoos, (although, believe it or not, it’s actually less than 50%). These are all types of designs and can be found all over the body. But, have you ever wondered…

Site updates

ClickASnap site updates 05/12/17

These updates are now live, if you find any issues please post in the forum Here Front page images should no longer cover the bottom bar The floating ad on the front page has been sited correctly Work has…

clickasnap site updates
Site updates

ClickASnap site updates 27/11/16

These updates are now live, if there any issues please post in the forum here Images after page 3 on the recently uploaded are now randomised to increase exposure of images and photographers on the platform Refinements to product…


Edward Weston; Taking a picture at F240?

That picture above is, believe it or not, or a pepper, taken at F240 with an exposure time of between 4 and 6 hours! The photo was taken by a photographer called Edward Weston, who is considered to be…

Biro ballpoint magnified

Image focus stacking

Have you ever looked at images that appear to be of very small objects and wondered how that image is created? For exmaple, this biro ball point pen taken below: The detail is clear enough so that ink splatters…

Photoshop tutorials

Adobe Photoshop CC – Cheat Sheet

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, photographer or anyone else who wants to learn the basics of Photoshop, you certainly know that this is one of the best tools for editing images and taking them to a…