What do you mean by ‘Paid Per View’?

We are proud of our innovative website and how it is the first successful platform to monetize images, and pay this back to the photographer!

The way that this works, is by uploading quality content on your ClickaSnap profile, other members and users on our website will view your profile and your images. For each authentic view gained, you earn 0.4¢. Please note this is 0.4 cents ($0.004) and not 4¢ ($0.04) or 40¢ ($0.40). This benefit is included in any of our chargeable membership levels.

These views then transfer into your earnings, and after some time you can request to withdraw your earnings and have these paid directly to your PayPal account. Anyone can generate authentic views, whether they are a member of the site or not. Sharing your profile on social media is a great way of generating more authentic views. A great benefit to our Pro-Seller accounts, is that it does this for you automatically!

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