What’s the difference between a ‘view’ and an ‘paid view’?

The difference between these two ‘views’ is essentially 5 seconds.

In order for Clickasnap to remain viable and successful for our members, we have to take certain measures to counter fraudulent activity. So, with regards to being ‘paid per view’, we need to ensure that systems are in place which devalue falsified or fake views. For example, should an image be viewed an excessive number of times from the same IP address, this would be flagged as a ‘view’ rather than an ‘paid view’. 

To gain an paid view, which is what equates to a paid view, an image must be viewed for 5 seconds and not be flagged as falsified or fake. One of the reasons behind the 5 second time frame in order for an image to earn an paid view is in place to encourage our members to share high quality content.

The level of interaction that people receive on social media does heavily depend on the quality of the content being shared. Whilst we appreciate everyone has a different perspective on what is a good or bad image, we want our members to be assured they can visit ClickaSnap and see high quality content being shared across the platform.

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