What is a ‘paid’ view?

If someone views one of your photos for 5 seconds or more, this will be a ‘paid’ view. The view also has to come from a genuine user (whether or not they are registered with us) and not by a bot or created by any other fraudulent means, such as by a Click Circle.

One of the reasons why a view must be 5 seconds for you to get paid is to encourage you to share high quality content. By sharing high quality imagery, people will be more interested in viewing your image for a longer time, compared to a lower quality image where someone would not want to view it for long.

The level of interaction that people receive on social media does heavily depend on the quality of the content being shared. Whilst we appreciate everyone has a different perspective on what is a good or bad photo, we want our members to be assured they can visit ClickASnap and see high quality content shared across the platform.

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