Invest in Clickasnap

Clickasnap whilst growing fast and developing revenue is still open for investment. Whilst we obviously cannot guarantee fantastic returns, we can give those of you who love the platform the opportunity to own part of the stock that is available in the platform and be an actual part of it’s growth and success. Whilst this is an extreme example when Facebook IPO’d it made many of it’s investors millions and some even 100’s of millions. Instagram sold for $1 billion with no revenue at all, Whatsapp sold for 19 billion with comparatively mediocre revenuees. Reaching these sort of sale prices is certainly possible and exactly what we are aiming for. The difference with us is that we are concentrating on monetising the platform as we go, rather than getting a huge amount of users and then trying to monetise it. This ensures that we do not have high burn rates and the likelihood of us running out of money is significantly reduced, therefore significantly increasing the longevity of the company and the likelihood of a successful sale or IPO.

If you are interested in investing, the minimum investment currently is £1,000. Please contact us for Prospectus information at the email below


Tom Oswald

  • CEO