So ClickASnap is finally live!

3 March 2016 ClickASnap came live and hit the public for the first time. With the aim of replicating the Videscape business model for videos and applying it to photos and still images, it is the worlds first image sharing platform that pays per view of the image. Packed with features and many more coming in such as an Instagram integration, a download store and a private art galler it really is the leading edge in photo sharing. After all, Facebook posted billions in profit last year why shouldn’t you earn some of that money? After all you did help them get it in the first place, all your hard work and photo taking or painting may get make you a large amount of likes, but the real winner is the media hosting site that earns the advertising revenue.

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ClickASnap to date has had 20,000 images uploaded with 1,000’s being added per day, why not add some yourself and start making real money instead of a few likes eh?

Tom Oswald


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