How do you make money with photography?

I myself am an amateur photographer. I have done Astrophotography, Sports photography, Portrait photography as well as high speed photography. All of these cost significant amount of money get the equipment that you need to do this. Astrophotography required that i bought a Celestron Telescope, Takahashi Temma ii mount, Guide scope, Nikon D7100 and mounts all of which came to a cost of around £35,000. Now factor in the time and it starts becoming an incredibly expensive hobby!

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Because of the internet very few people actually sell photographs, Facebook and Instagram allow the sharing of all with no compensation to the photographer and people are quite happy with this. You can of course try and sell physical copies of your photographs but this is exceptionally difficult to do even if only small amounts are involved! This is where ClickASnap comes in, A free to use photograph hosting site that allows you to upload your photos and allows consumers to view your photos, the trick is allowing neither side to have to pay for the initial view, yet compensating the photographer for the photograph view itself. This is akin to bringing the spotify model for music to photography. Some may say we are devaluing the industry further by making such small payments per view but with Facebook and Instagram already paying zero for photo views i would insist that what we are actually doing is putting a value on this work. Now whilst these initial sums ClickASnap pays (Currently 3 days into the site it works out a $0.016 cents per photo view, Youtube for example is $0.0064 per video view) are low they will increase in time, the more the users there are the more advertisers we will attract therefore the advertising rate will increase. Furthermore we will also be bringing in shops that sell both the digital download of the photograph but also physical copies of the product. On top of this we will be bringing in a private art gallery that photographers can place their content into and charge an entry fee to view the content. This digital revolution for still images could go a long way to bringing a sustainable and extra income stream to existing photographers, artists and more (yes i didn’t mention that ClickASnap isn’t just for photos, but for art, digital images, album artwork, basically anything that is a still image and doesn’t breach our guidelines!) So, why not head to ClickASnap sign up, upload some pictures and start making some money, after all, what do you have to lose?

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