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There have been and still are a lot of photo sharing websites out there and over the years I think I have tried them all, after all let’s face it we all want to share our favourite images on the internet, that’s why we take them in the first place isn’t it?


Some of the websites I have used in the past no longer exist, some went from asking for a nominal amount to upload to demanding a regular monthly fee, others took a different approach and offered almost unlimited uploads to entice new customers in the hope that they would be attracted to their premium services. I’m not saying any of these companies were wrong, I still use some of the sites, but let’s be realistic whether you are an amateur or professional photographer if you take good quality images you will have put a lot of time and effort into getting to the stage where you can take them. Learning techniques mastering ISO aperture, shutter speed working in different kinds of lighting conditions, post processing images using different software packages all the things that affect the finished image. So, if you have put in all this effort to master your photography should you really be paying someone else for the privilege of showing your image to the big wide world that is the internet? Well, it appears that most of us accept this as the norm when showing off our work, until now…

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About a month ago I stumbled across a whole new concept in image hosting, ClickASnap, so what is it? Well, is an amazing new site where you can not only upload and host your images, but also, now wait for it… they will pay you! Okay take a breath read that again and then, like I did think “I want some of this”. ClickASnap is the world’s first image hosting platform where you can upload your digital content your photographs, art, digital images, album artwork etc and monetize it to generate revenue from those on paid per view basis. It works on the basis that you upload good quality images that people will want to look at, you add a description and all the relevant tags so that Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines index and find your content which attracts new visitors to the site, they spend some time looking at your image and viola you have earned a bit of cash, now don’t get carried away you’re not going to buy a villa in Spain from the income and you must earn at least $25 before you can collect your payment and that could take a while, but at least you’re not paying them.


How does it Work?


You upload your photo(s) onto the platform.

Add a title, no title no one can find it.

Add an appropriate description so search engines can find your image.

Put your image in the pre created category that most suits the image.

Content is removed after 3 months if it has no activity.

The site currently supports JPEG formats.


What you will get paid?

ClickASnap works on a 50:50 revenue sharing basis model. At the end of the week, all the views are added up and after deducting the operating costs the remaining profit is split 50-50 between ClickASnap and User.

ClickASnap does not claim any right over the content uploaded by their users.


Remember the site is only months old so joining now means you are getting in on the ground floor and helping by offering your opinions and ideas to help the site grow. If all this wasn’t enough ClikASnap are also bringing in digital download stores, and have partnered with one vision imaging to supply printed images and will have virtual galleries on the site. You will be able to choose the price that you sell for and there will be a system where you can licence your images to websites on a per impression basis.


So if you want to try something new I reckon you could do a lot worse that joining ClickASnap after all who else is going to pay you for all your hard work?


It beats keeping your photographs in a shoe box and waiting for the relatives to visit so you can share a couple of hundred photographs to entertain them for the evening.


Happy snapping!


Bob Edwards, Author and Website publisher

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