Astrophotography: a Takahashi EM 200 is bought..

So, about 6 weeks into this hobby, It seems the mount that I have is useless, it can’t take the load of the telescope, can’t track due to it’s poor manufacture and a whole host of other problems. It seemed it was time to hit the books or give up, I never give up so i hit the books again! There is a vast selection of mounts out there for astrophotography ranging from a couple of £100 to many tens of thousands of pounds. I decided to buy a mount that was the top of it’s class and capable of holding 25kg perfectly stable. This turned out to be the Takahashi EM-200 TemmaII mount, the best mount in it’s class! So i purchased it and it arrived a couple of days later! And this is what the whole setup now looks like!

Takahashi EM 200

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This thing was a serious bit of kit, no PEC, hand lapped gears and an incredible polar alignment system! I could not wait to get it out!

Want to buy one? Click here

Next Chapter: Revisiting Andromeda

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