How do you get more views for your Clickasnap photos?

Something we are often asked, and that has been discussed in the Clickasnap Forum is: How do you get more organic likes, views and subscribers to your account? Whilst the majority of your traffic is likely to be traffic driven by you from your Meta or other social media sites, what you really want is those nice passive organic views! So, we got together with Mike Browne and produced a video showing you just how to setup your photos properly on upload to maximise that organic traffic!

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  1. The Facebook and twitter link on our page doesn’t share. In fact the views on my page has decreased significantly in the past few weeks. Seems the community has been lost under the new website. Folks seem to have disappeared with no comments on recent posts. It is going to take at least till 2020 to get anywhere near getting that new lens. Its been a little dissapointing to be honest.


    1. We are aware and these are due to be fixed after the Christmas period. The volume of traffic has increased so its more likely people are just busy with the Christmas period

  2. I am not as tech savvy as most of you, so this may sound like a dumb question. But, how do I find the url for one of my photos so the link to it may be posted my social media?

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