ClickASnap Site updates 04/10/16

These updates are live as of 18:39 GMT

  • Anti-adblocker system has now been removed
  • The site is now running full time on 5 live servers
  • We have added a read only database server stack to speed up ‘Reads’

All of these will affect the payment per view in some way or other. We will be trialling it for 4 weeks prior to making any changes.

These changes have all been made to help encourage rapid growth

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2 Responses

  1. Ah – I happened to notice that the pay per view has gone down a touch. Is that to do with the adblocker thing? If so, I think it is probably worth it, having tried to introduce a friend to CAS yesterday morning. She couldn’t get in because of the adblocker business, and it was a bit off-putting to be honest – I don’t think she set up an account in the end. Anyway, if so it’s an excuse to stop by there another time and try again! (Or I could be sensible and just send a link)

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