Street Style Photography Tips

Fashion blogging is big business these days. Whether you’re thinking of becoming a blogger, YouTuber, or even a specialist photographer, Street Style photography will be an important part.

We’ve teamed up with fashion youtuber Pauper to Princess on how to master candid and relaxed fashion photography.

Get a relaxed vibe

Street style photography is far more candid, relaxed and ‘real’ than traditional studio fashion photography. Of course, it’s still manicured, posed, and the best shot of 100s, but at least there should be an illusion of being low maintenance and natural. It’s typically more smiley, and cheeky, with very fluid movements like walking down the street or up front door stairs.



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Find unusual backgrounds

The beauty of street style photography is seeing the magic in your every day world. Find some graffiti, a doorway, or a brightly coloured wall and you’ve got a perfect spot. The perspective of shooting down the middle of a street also works well, or along residential garden fences. You can get some fabulous angles, and amazing colours if you look creatively. If you’re travelling try to also use iconic sights or backdrops like red phone boxes or the Eiffel tower. Once you’ve chosen your spots you can either choose to match or clash. Sometimes I’ll wear colours that blend really well with the background, or sometimes I’ll use a contrast to make my outfit really stand out



Face the light

As with any photography, the secret is in the lighting. For street photography you’re going to be working with natural light that’s constantly changing. Try not to shoot at the height of the sunshine or you’ll have too many shadows on your face. Aim for diffused light, or even shade, rather than direct sunlight. A good tip is to shoot opposite a bright white wall to act as a giant reflector… but failing that at least always shoot with your model facing the light


Add some movement

Walking is the classic option and ‘off duty models’ are constantly snapped on zebra crossings or mid step off the curb onto the road. It will elongate your legs, create a natural wind machine to blow your hair, and help you relax into a genuine smile. Once you’ve mastered that try some fun things like twirling, jumping or blowing a kiss. Anything a bit creative and relatable will really capture the mood. Of course this’ll also depend a bit on the situation – a festival will have a much more fun and silly vibe than a posh Kensington street shoot in London. Play with themes and have fun!


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Interact with the scenery

Once you’ve gone to all the effort of finding a perfect backdrop, try interacting with it. Walk up the stairs, touch the tree, sit on the bench, etc. Finding fun props is a great way to bring some movement into the pictures. Whether you’re throwing autumn leaves, or playing with an adorable puppy, it all adds to that natural vibe.



Don’t forget the details

Ultimately the shoot is going to be about the clothes so don’t forget the make them the focus. Be sure to do full length shots of course, but then also try closeups of accessories or details, as well as head shots. A few 3/4 lengths, or long distance images can be great too. It’ll make the blog post, or video, very dynamic and keep the reader engaged right through to the end.




I hope that’s been a helpful introduction to blog/street style photography. The real challenge now if to go out and practise. For more ideas follow my Youtube channel and let me know how you’re getting on! Happy snapping.

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