Photoshop: The Photoshop interface

Many photographers who use ClickASnap use either Photoshop or lightroom. As discussed in previous posts there is nothing wrong with editing photos. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to catch that photo you need without either incredibly expensive equipment or is just an impossibilty regardless of what you have available to you. This is where editing programs come in. Back in the day editing was still done but was done with an enlarger, filters and often a cardboard cutout so just because it is now alot easier doesn’t mean it wasn’t carried out before computers existed.

Photoshop is certainly one of the major photo editing programs available today. And now Adobe have brought in subscription models one doesn’t have to pay out thousands of pounds to use such software, rather, just pay £18 or so a month for complete access to Adobe’s editing suites!

In this series we are going to introduce users of our platform to a series of Photoshop videos to help give them a more thorough and better working understanding of this incredibly versatile photo editing software.

In this video the Photoshop interface is explored

If you wish to follow along with the tutorial, the work files can be download here

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