Beta Testing of ClickASnaps’ new site

As many of you may know we have spent the last 3 months designing and developing a new site for ClickASnap. We hope this new development, as well as considerable added features will cement our place as the Worlds’ largest paid per view photo hosting site, as well as enabling our tens of thousands of users to be able to completely monetise their hobby. This site is a complete redesign of the existing site, in fact so much so that you won’t even recognise the site!

Clickasnap album viewing

This update will also be including our ecommerce options (read more here)  That will enable you to set your own price for the sale of your photos as digital downloads, mugs, mobile phone cases, canvas prints and several hundred other options!

Our current timetable is as follows:

Monday 31st October:

We are going to open our private servers to a select few beta testers who have voluntered to beta test the new site. The reason we are only allowing a few users initially is that it is such a huge update that we cannot just roll it out into an existing site that has many thousands of users per day as it may disrupt the whole site for a period of time. This beta test is not confidential and initial users are welcome to discuss it.

Monday 14th November:

Assuming there are no major issues found and any bugs found are fixed promptly, the platform will be rolled out in full, and you will be able to use all the features of the new site.

What are we expecting to be available when the site launches?

  • Full ecommerce options, Digital downloads, physical products, private galleries and Stock licensing options
  • A completely new look and feel for the ClickASnap website, much faster load times, much cleaner and slicker look
  • The abillity to reply to, and share, both photos and statuses in your Feed to your subscribers allowing significantly larger audiences for your images.
  • Tags from photos will now be read via IPTC tags to automatically fill the relevant fields on upload
  • You will be able to search for photos by Photographer, camera type, lens type, ISO and F-stop
  • The front page is completely redesigned
  • Photographers albums will now be easily accessible from the profile page
  • Totals will be added to earnings columns
  • The feed is completely redesigned to be clearer and easier to use and interact with
  • The signup system has been redesigned to be easier and clearer
  • Various bug fixes

As you can see there is going to be some absolutely major changes, all of which will help to get your photos more views (via the sharing features) more money (via the ecommerce options) and more users as the site takes on a more professional and ‘slick’ look. We hope you bear with us as we do these final checks to ensure the end product transition is as smooth and uneventful as possible.

We are particularly excited about the Feed updates being brought in, with 100% reach unlike Metas 1% reach, for every 100 subscribers you have becomes the equivalent of 10,000 ‘likers’ on Meta. One share of your photo or status can instantly reach 3-400 people for every share. This adds virality to the platform and as previously mentioned could result in far more views of your photos without any additional promotion of your content.

Thank you for using the site and helping us grow. If you have any queries please do contact me directly at Or please post in our onsite public forums.

If you wish to participate in the beta test the closing date is friday 28th October


Tom Oswald


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22 Responses

  1. I have only just dipped my toe into clickAsnap and must say not too impressed by the site as it is so I was please to hear, today about the future, improvement. Hope things will be well explained in simple terms as I do, sometimes find it hard to get my head around some aspects.

    Alan Marr

    1. The site you see now is known as a minimum viable product, this proves to us that there is (or is not) a market available to move the company into. Turns out there is so considerable investment has gone into making the site a much nicer place to be

  2. Love the concept, the potential is huge. My experience has been great so far, and I await the massive improvements. Good luck as I will continue to post and view photos.

  3. Sounds like fantastic stuff! Thank you and look forward to seeing the new updates. (Been busy over the last month, but have been having a wonderful experience since I joined mid-summer)

  4. great, will be my go too (and only) site for my photography, looking forward to working with you all 🙂

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