Why do we not print pictures anymore?

Being in my early thirties I consider myself to be lucky enough to remember taking pictures using a 35mm film camera. I started photography with an old Minolta SLR and a 50mm lens. On a saturday morning I would head down to town and buy a Kodak 35mm ISO 200 film with 36 exposures, I would then proceed to spend the rest of the weekend photographing things. Preperation for photos could take hours, remember, back then you had no idea what the photo looked like until it was developed, you had to use a lightmeter and you only had a maximum of 36 exposures (You could get bulk film rolls, I believe upto 300 exposures or so but they were awesomely expensive to buy and use and develop).

After you had completed the roll it was off to Boots (We did have a darkroom at school, but at the time we could only develop black and white or Sepia, this ws due to the temperature at which the colour developer chemicals had to be kept. It was about 37 degrees celcius plus or minus 1 or 2 degrees. Something that nowadays can be done for less than £5 but in the 90’s was very expensive to do.) I really loved the smell of the developer machines in those camera shops, something I imagine is probably incredibly bad for you but it was a nice smell as far as I was concerned. to get a film developed originally took about 7 days but towards the end of the 90’s was about an hour, so you would pop back, pick up your pictures and hold physical items in your hand, this is something that I suspect most people don’t do today, in fact, I often wonder how many people these days have actually ever held a real quality printed picture? Let alone a picture on actual developed photographic paper.

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There are a massive number of reasons why people don’t print pictures anymore, They aren’t readily shareable in our ‘like’ obsessed world. Bulk printed images can be purchased from Dunelm or the Range for a tenner and put up on your wall. Actually printing pictures is a nightmare, the ink is very expensive, the paper is also phenomenally expensive and then of course if you want to hang it you have to frame it in some manner or other. But, to some the appeal is still there, to have that original photo on your wall, fill a photo album or just to hold a real photo. Here at ClickASnap, we would like to solve some of these issues and we plan to help you to allow people to have your printed products on their walls, or picture frames. Teaming up with One Vision Imaging  and creating a ‘price your own’ ecommerce system will allow you to sell your images, wether they be photos, art, or digital art as printed products to be admired and appreciated by other people for no upfront cost from yourself other than a £3 monthly fee.

Mike Browne and Adam Scorey at OVI discuss why people don’t print pictures anymore

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Tom Oswald is the CEO of ClickASnap


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