Macro photography; Clickasnaps’ best

There have been a few posts on our blog about macro photography so we thought we should compile some of Clickasnap’s best macro photographs. Be sure to visit the users profiles as they do get paid everyime someone just views their photos!

A bee pollinating a flower by Roane Photos

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A spider eating a fly in it’s web by Tom Oswald


‘Butterfly’ by Ben Delves

A lillesand spider by Hans Birkeland

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An extreme close up of a Dragonfly by Glendal Prentzler

Dragonfly closeup

The Human Eye

Canon MP-E 65mm F/2.8 1-5x Macro lens


New Gillette razor blade 5x magnification
New Gillette razor blade 5x magnification


£1 coin magnified 5 times
£1 coin magnified 5 times
dead fly thorax
Fly thorax

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