Finally! It’s here! ClickASnaps’ new site!

Welcome to the ClickASnap beta site, a move on from the ClickASnap Alpha site that we have been using for the last 6 months. We have 3 more development phases to go through, RC1, RC2 and ‘Gold’ These will bring in the features we promised earlier including updated feeds, profile, album modifications and more over the next 3 months

This rebuild has been designed for several reasons, we want to add more ways for you to monetise your content, we don’t want to just be a paid per view image hosting site, we want to be a one stop shop to monetise your content entirely, wether it be the paid per view section, selling your content, stock licensing or even preventing piracy, and it may take a while but this is exactly where we want to end up.

So, what’s new then?

  1. Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce is launched, for £3 per month or £5 per month for ad free browsing and higher resolution photos
  • No contracts start and stop as you wish
  • No minimum withdrawal, withdraw what you want when you want
  • On-site crop tool to ensure that your photos always arrive printed as ordered and viewed on the site
  • All transactions done through Paypal, no bank details are required and all parties are protected
  • 100% money back guarantee should any print not arrive as sold
  • System to ensure the quality of the images is always upto print standards
  • Don’t want to sell your digital downloads? Pick and choose which ones you want to give away for free


2. Various site features

  • 80% of the site has been redesigned and rebuilt, new upload, login, sign up, profile feeds and more
  • New upload screen with larger boxes for easier tagging and describing of photos
  • IPTC tagging. Use lightroom or other software to tag your photos? We now import this automatically so you don’t have to retag
  • You can now search for photos by lens, camera, ISO, F-stop,
  • You can now search for images, photographers and Albums
  • The video on the home page has been replaced with a picture to speed up load times
  • We have a daily clean of our session databases, this keeps the site nice and fast and prevents all those pesky logoff issues the site has been having
  • Arrow buttons now go onto the next photo in sequence rather than a random photo on the site
  • We have a much better image compression algorithym, higher quality photos!

We hope you enjoy all of these new additions, and we hope that it will ensure the site continues to grow at it’s current pace (or faster!) Please do bear in mind that there may be a few issues as it is a public beta, however we will resolve any issues as soon as we can

Tom Oswald


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22 Responses

    1. It was always going to be a subscription model. The costs of storing high resolution images needs to be covered or it affects the paid per view aspect of the site

  1. Is there a choice of what you want to sell?
    I think £0.99 for a digital download is very low.
    The Microstock sites are doing them at this price for any old rubbish pictures so what would be the point of uploading quality images in the first place.

  2. How come the merchandise is in £ UKP, The monthly subscriptions are in £ UKP and the clickasnap commission is in $ Dollars ?

    1. Because we are based in the UK and our printers are in the UK. However all ad revenue comes from the USA so is priced in dollars. If we stuck to one currency it would cause alot of problems unless we bought forward currency contracts to protect against currency movements and we cannot currently do this unfortunately

  3. when we sign up for market place which i will be doing…..will it give more details about prints ie sizes/finish/price/postage etc……..thanks

    1. Because we needed to bring in new features. There will be bugs with such a huge development and we are working to correct it currenrly

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