Are your photos safe anywhere online?

We here at ClickASnap occassionally have people approaching us about being able to or not being able to ‘right click’ download photos off of our site. Whilst we do everything possible to protect your images, including attempting to prevent ‘right click’ downloading, once posted online there is no where that is 100% safe for them. Even if you cannot right click download a photo, one can simply press the ‘prtsc’ button that every computer has, open up paint press ‘ctrl-V’ and you have just got yourself a full resolution picture of whatever you want. As some examples:

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This photo is from Lincoln nail photography and the original Viewbug file can be found here

Lincoln nail photography

Flickr: Original post is here You can find the photographers profile here

flickr Unfortunately we cannot link to the original post which is an interesting revelation! However the image is here and the photographer here


These images took less than 5 seconds to ‘steal’ and all of those platforms purport to prevent the theft of materials. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case.

Having established that it is impossible to prevent the stealing of such content. What can you do and how can we as a platform help you protect your work?

We compress your images, particularly so for the ecommerce aspects of our platform this means that whilst an individual can just copy your photo, the resolution at which they get the photo is limited and if blown up, or reuploaded to a social media platform such as Meta the quality will be so poor as rendering the upload virtually pointless. (However should you buy a photo the actual purchased photo will be of the original definition that it was uploaded at). This currently is the strongest defence against unauthorised proliferation of your content. In the back ground we are working on an automated notification system that will index and scan the web for your content. Once found we have a variety of options that will be presented to you which can range from a DMCA notice to a letter sent directly from a law firm demanding a large payment and fine!

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Whilst people can still use the above methods to copy photos from ClickASnap at least you earn a little revenue everytime they do, not a huge consolation, but, be assured that when we do complete the anti-piracy software your images will be hunted down across the internet in real time. Then piracy can be drastically reduced.

Ultimately, out of the 1.8 billion images put on the internet every day, someone chose yours to steal. The best way of taking it is to be flattered.

Tom Oswald



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