With 2016 over and 1.4M users, what can you expect to see in 2017?

The celebrations are finally over for 2016, and from us all here at ClickASnap we hope you have had a great holiday and are ready and raring to go with 2017! I personally have been in Guernsey in the channel islands where  I lived till I was 20 (seems like a long time ago now!) Whilst over here I have been connecting with a great many individuals and companies preparing the foundations for a much larger third stage investment to hopefully propel ClickASnap to the big time.

So what can you expect to see happen in 2017?

  1. Bugs (did you know that the term bug was coined because moths flew into the Colossus computer workings and were fried causing short circuits?) Outside of bringing in the planned features we didn’t get to prior to Christmas such as IPTC tag import and the new feed. We will not be bringing any new features in until all the bugs on the platform are fixed. We want people to go from end to end on the platform with no pesky interruptions or issues, and no annoyances. We believe this is vital to securing a long term growth curve. You can follow all our bugs here
  2. Premium accounts: We will be going through these and associated features to ensure these all perform as expected. This includes silly things like replacing ‘Related products’ with ‘Buy this image’ for example
  3. Growth, once bugs and premium accounts are completed we will be driving growth through paid and sponsored advertising. Our aim, to reach 3 million users by the end of 2017
  4. During the growth phases we will be looking to bring in new strategic features. Alot of these will be driven by user request. So if you think you have a good idea then let us know and we may well implement it

This is a brief description of what will be happening in 2017. These are all vital to secure the large investments we may require to fuel massive growth. When new features are brought in and bugs are fixed we will be writing them into short blog posts and publishing them in the forums, on this blog and in the notification feed so you are always kept upto date.

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Thanks for reading this, thank you for your feedback on our platform and here’s to a successful and growth fuelled 2017!

Tom Oswald



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