World renowned photographer, Mike Browne, introduces photo hosting platform ClickASnap

29th February 2016 a revolutionary new photo hosting platform was launched. This platform is completely free to use, you can upload as many photos as you like and incur no charge. You can even sell your photos for any price you choose as downloads or physically printed products. But you’re reading this and probably thinking ‘What’s new about this? Nothing particularly revolutionary here!’ But, before you move on, this is the ground breaking part of the platform;

‘Every time your photos are viewed by anyone, whether they are signed up to ClickASnap or not, you are paid a percentage of the platforms revenue’

This means, you don’t have to rely on sales to earn something from your photos, even if you currently don’t sell your content you can now earn something for your work. With ClickASnap, the technology and software is finally here to follow the routes both music and video have gone. Spotify, Apple Music, tidal and more have reduced piracy drastically by allowing users to stream content, supported both by subscription tiers and advertising. Youtube, with their monetisation program, does the same. Upload a video and everytime it is viewed you earn a percentage of the advertising revenue associated with your video.

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Don’t believe us? Watch world renowned photographer Mike Browne introduce ClickASnap in the first video launched to his 200,000+ YouTube subscribers:

Come and join us, it takes 2 seconds to sign up, no rights are taken from your content, finally earn something for your art, and best of all, we have so much more to come!

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