Tutorial: Selling your photos with CLickASnap

The marketplace was recently introduced to ClickASnap so our users can sell their photos for printed products and digital downloads for any price they choose. Join CEO Tom Oswald as he walks through the process of selling your art!

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Tom. Just watched the video about how to sell. Looks pretty simple and straight forward.
    I have been looking through lots of things on the forum etc, but can’t seem to find anything about postage cost for items you sell.
    I can’t seem to find (although I’m sure I did before) about fees. I remember you have 10%, but is that for the whole cost of the item or the cost minus the actual cost to print.
    Also what sort of charges do we get from Paypal as this would obviously have to be included when you are pricing your images.
    I’m sure I’ve seen these questions answered somewhere, but I can’t find them after ages of looking.
    I have found the forum freezes sometimes which I found the only way to get past this was to go back to beginning, so this hasn’t helped my search.
    I do love this site and hope it grows as you intend it to do. Another thank you to Mike Browne for sharing this

    1. Hi Craig,
      We take a 10% fee, postage is paid for by the person buying the image and is entirely dependent on a variety of factors including where they are in the world, and how fast they want the image

      Paypal charges for sales are included in our fee, so we effectively get 6.5%, when we pay you paypal takes fees and that is taken from your payment by Paypal

      1. Thanks for the reply Tom.
        So if I sell something for £10 I should get back £9 after fees?
        I understand about postage depends on where in the world it is been sent, but I have been asked by a couple of people in the UK I have spoken to about me selling on here, about costs of prints and canvass to post.
        I have seen some printers charging ridiculous prices for postage and don’t want people put off and go away because of this. One printer was charging £1.99 for an A4 size print, whilst another was charging £5.99. This was for the UK.
        Is there any chance of a sort of postage price list. The printers you are using obviously know what they are charging. Doesn’t have to be on postcode/zip code.
        I have always said never put your eggs in one basket, but I can see the potential with CS.
        Thanks again for you reply

        1. No as the print costs would be taken out of the £10 sale price. Average postage cost in the uk is about £3 but remember postage is added onto the price and not included in it. Best thing to do is sign up for 1 month and have an explore it’s only £3

          1. Thanks again for the reply.
            Yes I understand that the cost of the print comes out and should have mentioned that.
            I’m definitely going to give it a go, just want to add some more pictures so I have a better selection.
            Thanks Tom

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