A bit of a change in direction for ClickASnap

Hmm maybe the title isn’t that accurate, after all in Mike Brownes first video, and in my interview with Mike i stressed that i wanted the platform to be of exceptional quality. Up to this point in time we have tried to let the platform self regulate, eg, people come to the platform look at the quality of the content then upload their best pictures to the site. Whilst this has worked for the vast majority of our users there are a few who are starting to push the boundaries, even break it in some respects. We have watched this to see if it has proliferated or been restrained, unfortunately it has proliferated and we now have to bring in measures to ensure the content goes in the direction we want it to.

ClickASnap is the largest, highest paying, most complete paid per view, free photo hosting platform on the internet today, and we plan to ensure we stay at the number 1 spot. This can only be maintained if we maintain the quality of the content on the platform. Our advertisers demand the highest quality content, and pay a premium to be placed next to it, I as the site owner, want the content to be of a high quality. There are a million sites out there where you can upload family snaps, or poor multiple quality photos of your dinner, Niume, Meta, Flickr, Instagram, and many many more, but for us, our priority is to protect our high quality content creators, and that means removing content that is deemed of a low standard, or Metaquality. This does NOT mean removing amateur photos from amateur photographers, we want people to develop, and we want to actively encourage people to use this platform and earn a bit of revenue for their work. You don’t need to be a top Photoshop user, or have 50 grands worth of Canon and lenses to upload your content. Some of the best photos on here are taken with a mobile phone!

What we do not want to see is multiple images of the same subject, random phone photos of members of family or friends, 50 photos of you preparing dinner and so on. Think before you upload content here, as if the quality drops so does the revenue and therefore so does the pay per view amounts. If you want an idea of what not to upload, look at the picture and genuinely think, would someone want to buy that? Is it something i would hang on my wall? If the answer is ‘no’ to one of those questions then don’t upload it.

To combat this we will be doing two things, restricting uploads of free users to 7 per day (this may change, and only free users will be affected by this and should be in within the next week or so) and actively going through content on the site and removing anything we think doesn’t fit within the standards of the site. Whilst the removal of content is subjective it will be limited to only the very worst content and won’t be historical therefore any views that are accumulated will be very small if any at all.

This will very likely slow the growth of the site down as a few users may be discouraged, however, i would rather slow growth of a platform with spectacular content that advertisers and buyers flock to, rather than a fast growing very poor quality website like Meta

As always if you have any questions please feel free to post in the forum or contact me directly at Tom@clickasnap.com

Tom Oswald



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20 Responses

  1. The idea is good, I wish you success.
    However, requirements for uploaded pictures should be shown in working conditions on the site with which we meet when registering on the site.
    I ask you to apply the new rules here tatatak rather than already uploaded photos. I think it is fair.

  2. That selfie that is consistantly at or near the top of the recently uploaded page has to be the first to go. Selfies are not really art are they Ton even if someone is paying extra money to have it at the top of the list

  3. I support this as well. There is generally a very high standard here and sometimes even makes me worry about posting some of my own. We (and I include myself) can’t all submit stunning images but it is annoying when you get images e.g. ‘Fog 1-40’ or twenty images of a wedding when perhaps one image would do.

  4. I generally take steps to protect my images by adding tiny text with my logo ‘rebelann1949’ on them via paint, should I discontinue doing that?

    Also, I take many shots of my pets so the subject matter is repetitive, is that what you mean about not sharing repetitive subjects?

    1. Adding on watermarks or logos is not an issue on our site. Repetitive subject matter over time is not a problem, just don’t upload 20 photos of your dog all at once

  5. Very well put, Tom !
    There’s a time and a place for everything. I post my “what-i’m-having-for-dinner-shots” on Facebook and use this platform for my “serious” (in lack of a better word) photography. Furthermore, posting multiple images/edits of the same subject is not necessarily a clever way of marketing one’s photography.
    I also find your remarks about cameras very encouraging! After all – the best camera is not the most advanced or expensive one -it’s the one you have on you, when something interesting happens!

    Best wishes,

  6. Tom, what about implementing a rating system. This will make sure the highest rated photos are always on top and weed out the not so great. Honestly speaking, the quality of the photos when I first open the website is keeping me from uploading more and switching over. I, as I am sure a lot of photographers, spend hours upon hours perfecting an image. And I don’t feel like uploading it knowing in no time it will get drowned out. A way for the great photos to get the attention they deserve would make a big difference in my opinion.

  7. I appreciate this extra dilligence as I am working on improving my skill level, I would others who make comments to be ones of the same serious nature. I see a huge improvement from when I joined last fall to now. Thanks for the hard work and dedication.

  8. This is very good news Tom!

    You asked me once why I came back after a long time, and one reason is that I wanted to see in which direction the site develops.
    I’m happy! I prefer quality rather than quantity.

  9. Glad your enforcing this as I get fed up of seeing some of the rubbish that people post but the biggest problem I have is that you see the same pictures all the time when you go to the recently uploaded page. Can something be done to change this.

    1. These are promoted photos hence why they are at the top, they get replaced when the bidding runs out

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