10 Tips and tricks: Using twitter to promote your photos

As you may (or may not) know we are a photo hosting site who pays users per view of their photos. So it is very much in our interest for our users to get as many views as possible! To this end we frequently put forward methods for helping you to find and engage new people to view your photos on ClickAsnap. In this article we put forward a few more ways of using Twitter to promote your content to the world

  1. When tweeting think about what other large accounts may be interested in your content. For example, taken a photo of a something that’s spring like? Include accounts like @bbcspringwatch You never know they may re-tweet it or even better view it
  2. Include the hashtag #500pxrtg and your photo will be automatically re-tweeted by several large accounts
  3. Try and include hashtags that are relevant that day. This company here will help you find them for free
  4. Remember to re-tweet and talk to other people!
  5. Be repetitive, a tweets average life is about 18 minutes that means you could theoretically tweet every 30 minutes 24 hours a day. This may be excessive but our ClickASnap twitter account tweets once an hour and brings in 50-60 link clicks per day
  6. Add your ClickASnap link to your biography
  7. Create an interesting Biography, if you read it would you want to click it to know more?
  8. Talk to other photo hosting sites, re-tweet them, let them know you’re there, their followers will see your tweets and be intrigued!
  9. Make sure your tweets have a human element to them, don’t just spam links as no one will click through them. Make them have interesting titles and descriptions
  10. Whilst this last tip isn’t free, promoting tweets and twitter accounts can be very cheap and incredibly effective. We have got our cost per acquired follower down to £0.41 each

We hope you find these useful and we look forward to seeing your views go up!

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