ClickASnap site updates 06/06/17

These updates are now live. Any issues please post in the forum here

  • Users can now promote their accounts to gain more followers in a similar manner to promoting images
  • When signing up to the site users are now presented with people to follow
  • Users can find new people to follow on the feed page
  • Various mobile display updates
  • Meta shares of shops and profiles now show the correct images related to the profile
  • The ‘Edit Image’ button on the profile picture and header image now only show when moused over by the user
  • There is now a Call to action for users who have trialled the marketplace but haven’t upgraded to sell their products
  • Notification email settings are now fixed and display correctly
  • Photos can now be embedded offsite
  • Various login issues fixed
  • New EXIF data layout implemented
  • Display icon mismatch on front and profile pages now corrected
  • Forum access issues corrected
  • Various marketplace bugs fixed
  • Album layout issues corrected
  • The upload limit on free accounts now resets at midnight GMT instead of a rolling 24 hour period
  • You can now add photos to albums in your ‘My Uploads’ section
  • Various wording updates on the menus to make navigation clearer
  • Page load times have now been decreased to make browsing more comfortable
  • We have launched a US based server data centre located in California. This should make the site considerably faster for US and Canadian users. However this is  still experimental and may or may not affect our user experience yet

What do these updates actually do for you?

  1. Users subscriber base can now organically grow without having to find new subscribers. The algorithm presents a range of active accounts to new users joining the site to follow. If this is not fast enough and you want to grow your subscriber base faster you can pay to promote your account to these users and site users. It is based on a cost per click model and priced at $0.10 per subscriber with a minimum spend of $2.50 (25 subscribers). This is accessed on the feed page
  2. We have added in some fixes that hopefully make the mobile side of the site easier to use and slightly less of a mess. We are currently exploring mobile app options
  3. Meta shares of shops and profiles now show the correct meta information
  4. the ‘edit image’ button on profile and header images now only shows when the user mouses over the image
  5. There are call to actions in place in the marketplace trial informing people that their sales don’t go active unless they subscribe
  6. There has been issues with email notifications not sending or sending too much, as well as the frequency toggle not working correctly. These have now been fixed
  7. If you have a website, or want your photos on someone elses website without giving them a physical copy of the photo they can now be embedded like the photo below:
  • A very small amount of people have had issues logging in. We have addressed what we believe was causing these errors
  • A lot of our users enjoy perusing EXIF data and didn’t enjoy our existing layout. We have completely rebuilt the EXIF layout for our users to make it clearer
  • Our rolling upload limit on the free accounts was confusing some users. We have now changed this to a fixed time of midnight GMT and added a timer to show you how long until you can upload again
  • The existing adding of photos to albums was an annoyance at best. So photos can now be added to albums within your ‘My Uploads’ section

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