ClickASnap launches Ultra High Definition Images

ClickAsnap, is a free photo hosting website that compresses your images, this is neccessary for two reasons;

  1. Streaming 25 MB images would cost a fortune, both for us and for you
  2. You cannot stop images being stolen, but having them compressed means that what people can do with them is significantly reduced

We actually compress images incredibly efficiently and generally speaking it is very difficult to determine that they have been compressed. Unless, of course they are more than 1 pixel outside of the size that your browser is displaying! When this happens the browser recompresses your image and this is why we have had low quality thumbnails and lower quality display images.


A significant R&D expenditure was allocated to refining the method of compressing, transmitting and displaying the thumbnails and images so that your work is shown at its absolute best. The system now no longer displays images but actually displays a data string allowing a users browser to optimise the image display, rather than the browser showing a poorly user compressed image because it is 1 pixel out from ClickAsnaps compressed image. The results show for themselves:



There are, however, two downsides; firstly: Unfortunately, due to the process involved in this it can only apply to new images uploaded after the 19 July 2017. We have done our absolute best to try and cover all prior uploaded images but it just wasn’t possible given the way the tech works. Secondly, it does slow down the site a bit, but hopefully the massively improved image quality offsets this. We of course will be looking for loopholes to speed the site back up again.

As an added bonus, this technology has been rolled out across the display and marketplace images, massively increasing the quality of image display across the platform for all newly uploaded content.

Introducing TrueForm image compression technology:


All free and seller accounts now operate under one standard algorithym, Pro accounts now have the ability to adjust the compression settings on a per image basis to ensure the best quality image is shown at all times, as the algorithym, whilst good, cannot cope with every single possible type of image uploaded 100% of the time. This new image filter technology is called ‘TrueForm‘ and ensures your photos are always seen exactly as you intended.

What else is new?

Whilst the image and thumbnail display is the biggest part of this update, there is more:

  • New upload page
  • Bulk management of uploads, add multiple images to one album at once for example
  • The album links on profiles is fixed
  • Album management page updated
  • confirmation added to delete buttons
  • Upload information saving system rebuilt to stop data being wiped
  • You can now re-order your uploaded images in: Upload date, Likes, Views & Earnings

We hope that you continue to enjoy our platform and look forward to bringing out even more features over the next couple of months


Thumbnail photo courtesy of ClickASnap user Gjesdal. You can see more of his stunning content here 

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