Photography – It takes work – Mike Browne

In 2017, everyone wants instant gratification, wether it be uploading an image to our free photo hosting site ClickASnap and instantly getting millions of views, or uploading to Meta and getting thousands of likes. This also applies to taking a picture. We often have this idea that we can just grab our camera, go outside and expect to take this awesome beautiful shot that everyone is going to love, unfortunately the truth is often very different. I went out yesterday with my camera and my MPE 65mm macro lens hoping to get an awesome 2 or 3x times close up of some insect that i could post on the site and get loads of good feedback. It didn’t happen, turns out 1) there are virtually no insects this time of year, and 2) hand holding a full frame camera with a lens that has a depth of field of less than 1mm is an exceptionally difficult thing to do! So by the time I got home I was fairly dejected! Nevertheless, I’m not giving up, next time I go out i will take a small portable tripod and try again. Mike Browne, in this short video below explains how he became the photographer he is today, it’s worth watching and applying to your own photography, and in fact everthing you do in life

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