Bokeh effects, But without any special lenses?

We hope you had a great break over the 2017 Christmas and New year period, and not too many terrible hangovers! We have a huge amount of plans for our free photo hosting site Clickasnap and we are very much looking forward to seeing all of your great photos on the site earning money.

Our first blog article of 2018 is from the archives of photographer Mike Browne, and we hope you find it useful:

Bokeh is often a beautiful effect, and can be used successfully to isolate subjects from the foreground (or background). Unfortunately, to get it easily requires lenses with wide apertures, typically F2.8 and up for the best affects. These, are often very expensive, well in the multiple hundreds, often into the thousands of pounds! So, in this short video Mike Browne interviews Simon Taplin as he shows you how to add bokeh using a 200mm lens at F5.6 which is a common and relatively cheap lens. If you have tried this bokeh technique, why not add your photos to our paid per view photo hosting site ClickASnap and tag them in the comments below?


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