Is ClickASnap worth it?

Interestingly quite a few people a month google this exact phrase, so we thought we would present an argument as to why, yes, ClickASnap is worth it:

As some of you whom have landed on this page may already know, ClickASnap is a free photo hosting site with marketplace options AND the unique ability to earn as people look at your photos. Now, the money you earn from people looking at your photos is not a huge amount, at the time of writing it is 0.14 cents, yup, not a lot, but it IS something. Firstly, how much do you earn when you upload your photos to Flickr, Viewbug, 500px or even Meta? (Meta by the way takes the rights to everything you upload, did you know that?) It’s nothing isn’t it? Zero, zilch, nada, a big fat zero. So you go out spend hundreds of pounds on your equipment, spend many hours/days of your time taking those photos, more hours spent selecting and editing them and then finally to upload them (oh, and you have to pay to upload more than 7 photos a week with the aforementioned sites eh? Whereas we allow 7 per day, plus if you do decide to upgrade to our Seller or Pro accounts you get a huge amount more than you do on ANY of those other sites) and all you’re doing by uploading your content to those sites is one thing, lining the pockets of those company owners with money earnt from YOUR work, YOUR time, and at YOUR expense, that’s it. You get the views, likes, comments, they get the cold hard cash. Ok, in defence of those sites you probably don’t get anywhere near as many views, likes or comments on ClickAsnap as you do elsewhere, but, to be fair this site is a lot younger than those other sites so that is why the interaction isn’t as high yet. But you can change that. We spend huge amounts of time and money building the site and marketing it to get as many people to use it as possible, to increase your earnings, and increase your interactions, and in time we will certainly rival these other companies, if not supersede them, just as Spotify has superseded Soundcloud by paying fractional cents per play, and now, today, Spotify accounts for some 62% of the US music business, a revenue stream for musicians that ten years ago, simply did not exist, instead piracy prevailed, an issue the existing still imagery market is wrestling with.

If you’ve come across this page because you’re wondering if ClickASnap is worth it, why not just sign up and upload your photos, what do you actually have to lose? We take no rights, you wholly own your photos (heck there’s even a thread in the forum where we ask you permission to use your photos, you have to sign up to this list before we can touch them!) Even if you do nothing other than upload your photos you are helping this site grow a little bit more. And who knows in a couple of months, you may come back and decide that actually you would rather earn some money for your imagery than earn someone else money for your imagery.

Tom Oswald


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  1. I cannot help wondering if Clickasnap inst a good idea that was just to late to the party. While its nice to get paid for your views the payments are essentially worthless. You cannot withdraw the money until you get to $25 and at the current payment rate you would need 17857 views to reach that target. I posted the same picture on Clickasnap and another photo website at exactly the same time. On the other site i Had 300 views in 20 mins . On Clickasnap ive had 4 views in 2 days.

    1. It certainly may seem worthless to some people Tony, Youtube is the same, can’t get paid out until you hit $100 for example, yet there are many Youtubers who do get paid out, it’s the same here. Unfortunately some users get more views than other users Tony, it’s all down to promoting your work and building up a following I’m afraid, same as it is with any other website, be at your own or one like ours.

  2. Just a slight correction, on ViewBug you can upload 10 images a day free. For Pro membership you get unlimited uploads. I have been a basic member there for a few years and I like it for the contests and challenges, and we keep the rights to all our images.
    Still slowly finding my feet here at ClickaSnap.

  3. In this article and also in the FAQ the price per snap is 0,14. However when verifying my account settings I cannot see this amount. I see 0,0014… also the calculations of earned money is not correct based on 0,14 nor 0,0014.
    Could you please clarify.
    Excuse me to ask this here instead of forum?

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