ClickASnap Quarterly report Q1 2018

Another quarter has passed us by, they seemingly get quicker and quicker! The platform is now 25 months old and we have just rolled out or single biggest update yet. This update has significantly decreased the browsing speed of the platforms content, improved the information available to users through our feed, improved the marketplace and backend systems hugely and, we have rolled out systems to ensure our Pro account users content is continuously exposed to all the platform visitors leading to significantly more views for their portfolios and hopefully leading to further sales of their work.

General News;

We were approached by a  very large stock licensing agency requesting access to the photos on our platform, we are still working out the technology required for this, but most likely all Pro account users will have access to syndicate their content across to platforms such as this. ClickASnap will handle the transferring of the files and distribution of the royalties.

We were also contacted by a local startup to us here in Bournemouth which specialises in in-browser mining technology for cryptocurrencies. Their technology is to be available in April for beta testing and we are likely to explore opt-in systems for our users so that they can earn even for just browsing/interacting with the site. Keep an eye on the forums for this, we will release information as it becomes available to us.

We have employed our first publicist; Stacey Davies will be working on getting articles written and back links created to increase the referral traffic to the site.

The numbers:

ClickASnap added 1,025 new users and 25,993 new images. 122,252 users visited the site over the quarter viewing 2,068,434 images.

Our average user came back 2.3 times, spent 7 minutes and ten seconds on the site and viewed 16.92 pages. Our bounce rate remained low at 1.89%

We have filed our annual accounts with Companies house and our company value has increase five fold over our second year, and ten times our first year. Revenue this year is expected to be 4 x last years revenue. We purchased back 2,000 shares from early investors and these were promptly sold to new investors, these were a bargain as to now invest in the company the minimum investment stands at £25,000.

What’s next?

Once we have completed the bug ironing out of this last update, which we expect to take no more than a few days, we will be starting work on 3 new feature for the platform:

  1. Artificial intelligence combined with image recognition to automatically tag Pro users accounts images. This will reduce the amount of time involved in uploading of users photos, particularly off mobile and ensure that the images will always be tagged in the most efficient manner and therefore much likely to be found
  2. SEO work, The image pages at the moment are not well SEO’d and this work plans to correct that. Tags, image descriptions and picture tags will be implemented into each page to ensure they are properly indexed by search engines. We expect Pro accounts, with their machine tagged images will particularly benefit from this as the algorithms used to tag the images are similar to the algorithms used by search engines to index and display images dependent on their relevance.
  3. Individual account notification systems: If there are accounts you really like and would like to be notified every time an upload takes place you can select a tick box which will email you when the aforementioned accounts uploads as and when they happen. Combined with the links that can now be clicked through under images this will likely be a powerful free traffic driving tool to wherever you wish.

Once these are complete we are awaiting a tax rebate which, assuming no outside investment, will spur our next development drive, this will be the automated marketing systems, Stock licensing technology and likely integration with other stock licensing sites.

A brief report, but we are continuing in the right direction, thank you for using the site and we hope next quarter will have some awesome new technology in place

As always any questions feel free to contact me at

Best regards

Tom Oswald



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