ClickASnap featured photographer: Belanne Pibal

My username is Call Me Mom because, as my son was growing up, I became Thomas’ Mom to the point that people didn’t bother to ask me for my actual name. When I started becoming more active on-line, it seemed like a reasonable thing for the security of my family to use a pseudonym and that seemed to fit. As my child became an adult, lessening the need to use a pseudonym, I found that I was a bit attached to it and somewhat reluctant to give up the added degree of civility it seemed to inspire in others during lively discussions – because who is going to behave badly when “Mom” is in the room?

I passed the half century mark a few years back but have enjoyed photography for most of my life. Was able to purchase my first SLR for a photography class in college in the late 80’s. That camera was a Minolta  XG-1 and the shop included a 135mm zoom lens with the kit lens.  I loved that lens. It was wonderful for getting candid portraits. I found I could also hold an old projector lens onto the front of it  and get really nice macro shots if I was careful.
Time and money became scarcer after that – as they will when young people are starting a family – so, while I kept my hand in, I wasn’t shooting nearly as much. After purchasing a small digital point and shoot around 2010, to test out this newfangled digital stuff, I was on board. I saved up, haunted E-Bay for months and found a reasonable deal on a Canon T2i with a few extra bits and bobs.

Photography gives me the opportunity to share how I see the world with others. Or, at least it does on those occasions when the camera and I can agree on how the world looks. It also gets me outside, although, having discovered how much fun it is to watch bubbles freeze, that may not always be a good thing. It often provides an avenue for meeting new people.

I like ClickASnap because it gives me a place to not only display my own photos, and get feedback on them, but to develop my eye for the work of others. I also like it that I can see a lot of the little things from all over the world that aren’t usually mentioned or shown in film or video. Like the fact that a goldfinch in other countries looks a great deal different from the bird that I know as a goldfinch here in the states.  I like it that I can interact with those other photographers and artists. I can ask them questions and they can give me feedback on my work.
The idea that I can be paid for people just looking at my photos is attractive because it makes the site a win-win for everyone and

I appreciate that mindset.

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