How do you know that Google is indexing your photos?

You’ve discovered our free photo hosting website ClickASnap, discovered that you make money when your photos are viewed, but, if you don’t have a big following how do you get that audience and those views? About 60% of our users don’t actively advertise their content, Eg, don’t have a pro account, or share their content anywhere on the web. Now, whilst this is entirely your choice, there are relatively simple things to do that can increase your exposure to search engines across the web. Mike Browne actually details just how to do this in his video on how to tag and title photos to get maximum exposure. So, you’ve watched the video and you’re titling and tagging your photos, but, how do you know that Google is actually indexing them? After all Google only indexes pages it believes are interesting and worth indexing, for example unique titles, descriptive and accurate descriptions as well as accurate tagging all make up parts of the value of that page to Google. But, again how do you know their indexed to show in organic search? Well, Google Alerts comes to the rescue as shown in this brief video below. How many of your photos can you get to show up in it??


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