What camera should i buy? With Mike Browne

Photography is an incredible hobby, and extremely rewarding. But, to start this hobby, at the very least you need a camera. Now in this day and age smartphones have incredible cameras in them and i often find myself out and about with both my camera and smartphone and more often than not can get a better landscape image using my smartphone camera than i can with my Canon 5 DSR! But, what if you want to do sports, Macro or any other type of wide range areas of photography? For this, you definitely need a digital camera with at least the ability to change your lenses.

We’ve all been there, either at the beginning of our photography careers or even during them; just ‘What camera should I get?!’ There’s Canon, Nikon, digital DSLR’s, mirrorless cameras such as Fujis  range and so much more. Mike Browne, photography tutor extraordinaire, is here to help you decide just what camera you should buy

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