Just what photos CAN you upload to Clickasnap?

This question seems to be coming up more frequently these days, often involving confusion around just what the term ‘High Quality content’ means. So, just what is high quality content as defined by us?

Firstly, let’s address what we definitely do not want on the platform:

1) Pornography of any type

2) Nudity, breasts, genitals etc

3) Out of focus photos

4) Blurry photos

5) Violence or gore

And that is defined, by us, as Low-quality content. So, what can you upload to the platform?

As long as it doesn’t contravene the above points, anything you want; family snaps, Instagram shots, phone photos, pinhole camera photos, scanned images, photographed artwork, digitally composed imagery, Photoshop manipulation and the list is pretty much endless. So when you look at your photos that you have taken during a day, you don’t have to sit there and think ‘Damn, which of these should I upload?’ Your only limiting factor is if you have a free account and then you’re limited to 7 photos per day.

Now, do bear in mind, that paid views are obviously 5 seconds or more, so, the better the imagery, or the more interesting the imagery, the more likely the viewer is to stay on that image. But if you’re not that fussed about that, or just want to use the platform to share family snaps with your relatives then by all means upload those photos of the family picnic!

Would uploading content such as this dilute the quality of the platform? No, not at all, images that are constantly resurfaced are often the best images on the platform, and we do not want to be seen to be discouraging new photographers from using our free photo sharing platform. Particularly as earning money in the trade is so difficult, even earning a few dollars for their work (particularly as we are dropping the minimum payment threshold down to $5 over the next few months) could motivate them to continue with a hobby that many of us enjoy immensely. So next time you have been out on a day photographing, don’t worry too much about what you should or should not upload as you’re not going to be chastised or punished for it!

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43 Responses

      1. Uploading screenshots isn’t something we permit on ClickASnap. For more details about our community guidelines, feel free to visit our FAQ page.

  1. Does it have to be original photos? Do we only get paid if it’s a free account? And lastly, did I get this right – if a person doesn’t stay on ur picture for at least 5 seconds, that view isn’t paid? Pls, answer all 3 questions.

    1. 1) yes it has to be original photos
      2) all accounts are monetised but to different levels
      3) yes, a person has to view the image for 5 seconds for a paid view so it’s quality over quantity on our platform

  2. Can I upload a scanned pencil artwork that shows some nudity? It’s an original artwork not a realistic photo.

    1. The platform is free to use, we do have monthly or annual fees if you want wider feature sets and higher payments. This is because we use that payment to cover your platform costs rather than the ad revenue as on the free accounts hence the far higher payments per view

  3. I have an extensive collection of vintage negatives which I have digitized. I own the collection, but did not take the photos. Are these eligible to be uploaded on ClickASnap?

      1. The problem with AI art is that it cannot be copyrighted in the USA.

        Can AI Art Be Copyrighted? It has long been the posture of the U.S. Copyright Office that there is no copyright protection for works created by non-humans, including machines. Therefore, the product of a generative AI model cannot be copyrighted.

        Therefore, no one actually owns the work. Therefore, proof of ownership cannot be produced, as a human did not create the work, and, by laws of copyright, does not own the art outright.


        1. If no one owns it, it then can’t be uploaded by the uploader as they don’t have permission of the legal rights to do so

      2. But, if I am looking at this all wrong and proof means that you were the one who requested the generation of the art in the first place, then I also have AI art that I would like to publish. But, I guess the only way to prove this would be to screenshot the request to generate the artwork.

  4. I keep seeing that for ai art you have to prove ownership and I have messaged back and forth with support but still have not been able to find out what can be provided to prove ownership. Can someone answer this question?

    1. Proof of ownership would be proof of creation, eg the seed image, the prompts, anything that proves you went through a process to create the image

      1. My concerns align with those expressed by Frances DeMarcos. When it comes to generating AI images, I find that I need to iterate through numerous prompts before arriving at a version that matches the image I’ve envisioned.

        Now, the challenge lies in providing evidence for this process. To demonstrate my approach, should I consider recording the entire sequence of generating, say, 100 images? This might involve capturing the process of generating around 1000-1500 prompts in total (since I typically require 10-15 prompts per image before achieving the desired result).

        Additionally, I have a query regarding uploading the generated images. Could you advise on the optimal image size that I should aim to upload?

  5. can I take pictures from free to use sits like pixels and upload them on here or do I have to edit them or it it just not allowed at all.

    1. Using pictures from stockpile sites or similar sources goes against our terms of services. You must upload only your own images.

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