Top 7 Essential Photography Accessories


There are some accessories that every photographer needs, whether you’re a professional or just starting out with the basics. Photography is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime, but it can soon become frustrating if you’re not correctly prepared. In this article, we look at some of the essential photography accessories that you should have in your kit bag. Some will help you out when you’re actively out taking pictures, while others will help ensure you’re fully prepared for your shoot.

Essential Photography Accessories #1: Charging Station

Keeping your battery and backup battery fully charged is vital, particularly when you’re on an extended trip. You may also find that some of your camera peripherals also use an external battery. To ensure that everything is fully juiced, a charging station and/or some external power packs are essential. A power pack means you can charge all your batteries and equipment in one location, meaning you won’t leave anything behind.

Essential Photography Accessories #2: External Hard Drive

Using an external drive has a variety of benefits. Not only can they be used as a backup for your photo library, but they’re also ideal for when you’re travelling. Some people use these to keep their main PC/laptop storage free, and even edit directly off them.

Essential Photography Accessories #3: A Good Camera Strap

Even if you tend to shoot straight from your hand, you’ll want to purchase a sturdy camera strap for in-between shots. It means you can focus on the rest of your setup hands-free, without having to pack the camera away in a bag or place it on the ground. There are straps available that have quick-release clips, meaning you don’t have to go through the hassle of constantly taking the strap off and putting it back on.

Essential Photography Accessories #4:  An Editing Graphics Tablet

Most photographers will spend a lot of time on post-production, ensuring that their shots look as good as possible. This can be quite an intensive process, meaning a lot of computer time. Using a graphics tablet can make a huge difference, and is particularly beneficial for those who edit on the go, as well as those suffering from (or not wanting to develop) carpal tunnel.

Essential Photography Accessories #5:  A Good Camera Bag

Your camera and all its associated equipment is likely quite valuable. It’s therefore vital that you protect it from damage when you’re travelling. Having a dedicated camera bag is the best way to do this. There is a broad variety of designs available, each which will have compartments and padding for your gear. Choose one that is comfortable to wear, lightweight, and durable.

Essential Photography Accessories #6: SD Cards

You can never have too many storage devices when you’re out on a shoot. The last thing you want is for your SD card to get full or become corrupted. To avoid such a predicament, have a range of SD cards available. Choose a renowned brand that has a fast transfer/write speeds, as well as one that has plenty of storage.

Essential Photography Accessories #7: A Speaker System

Although some photographers prefer the sound of silence, having some music to suit the mood of your shoot can often be inspiring and relaxing. A portable speaker is ideal for taking your tunes on the go with you. Of course, it’s situation-dependent, but if you’re working with a model, it can help them strike the right tone for the shoot and get into the vibe.

These are just some of the basic items you should have as part of your ensemble. Other elements such as a tripod, flash, and spare lenses could have their own article dedicated to them.


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