Clickasnap updates 23/09/18

These updates are now live, if you have any issues please post into the forum

1) Pro accounts now have a separate ‘Notifications’ option. This allows followers of Pro accounts to be notified by email when the user uploads new content (see video below for detailed explanation!)

2) Minimum cashout payment has been dropped to $20. This will continue to drop over the next few months with a final target of $5

3) Descriptions that are cut off should be corrected

4) Various mobile fixes

5) Sitemaps are now generated and submitted to Google and Bing/Yahoo daily. (This means your photos are indexed within 24 hours assuming there is sufficient content to index)

6) You can now use ‘right click’ throughout the site but you cannot use it on actual main display images directly

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10 Responses

    1. Where can I find a video ( or a user’s manual) for new comers discribing the basic features of ClickaSnap please?

  1. “Where can I find a video ( or a user’s manual) for newcomers describing the basic features of ClickaSnap, please?

    Yes Please!

  2. I just did a google search to test the new index feature as I uploaded yesterday a photo both here and on my Flickr account (I rarely do that)
    Opened an anonymous session and did a search on google for the title.
    CaS came up as the 1st result and Flickr came 3rd.
    I’m very impressed

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