The Lens That Could Change Macro Photography and Videography

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The Lens That Could Change Macro Photography and Videography


Macro photography can be an exciting and rewarding niche. Capturing the smaller and often unseen details of the world is evocative and often spectacular. However, it requires a lot of time and patience, as well as some fairly specialised equipment. The team at Venus Optics hope to make the process a whole lot easier with their latest specialist lens. The Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens boasts some unique and inspired features that deliver some truly remarkable results. In this post, we take a look at some of the key features on offer.

Issues with Current Macro Lenses

Most macro lenses have a relatively long focal length that’s usually in the region of 60-100mm or longer. As such, the subject often fills the entire frame and obscures the background. Not only this, but they have a shallower depth of field than other lenses, resulting in a blurred backdrop. Although this is sometimes desirable, it’s difficult to have both the subject and background in focus.

Photographing smaller subjects is also tricky, particularly if the lens has a magnification of below 1:1. It can also be tricky to get close enough to subjects depending on the environment. The Laowa 24mm probe lens has a solution for all of these issues.

Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens Features

You can tell just by looking at the Laowa probe that it’s a lens like no other. Its needle-like design gives it a unique look, as well as some revolutionary functions:

Bug Eye Perspective

The Probe allows photographers to get up close and personal with the subject, focusing on the finer details and textures of the subject, whilst also capturing a wider angle of view than traditional macro lenses. This bug eye perspective is entirely unique to the Laowa 24mm Probe.

Greater Depth of Field

Thanks to the wide-angle design, it’s possible to achieve a greater depth of field with this lens. This means that both foreground and background can be incorporated into the composition.

2:1 Macro Magnification

With a maximum 2:1 magnification, capable of 2:1 to infinity, you can unveil elements of the world that aren’t visible to the human eye. These finer details can be captured in both photo and video modes, yielding breathtaking footage.

Long Barrel and 2cm Lens Tip

The design of the Laowa probe lens gives macro photographers the opportunity to get incredibly close to their subject without disturbing their environment. The long, sleek barrel can fit in a wide variety of places, and the tiny 2cm lens tip unlocks a whole host of shooting options.

Waterproof Front Barrel

Although it looks slim and fragile, the lens is incredibly sturdy. The front of the barrel is water and dust proof, which means that you can explore a diverse array of habitats and locations. This lens will go anywhere.

LED Ring Light

Another incredibly useful feature that promotes exploration and innovation is the front ring of LEDs. This can help illuminate hard-to-get-to spaces and improve the ability of the lens to focus.

Patented Optic Design

It should be no surprise that the carefully crafted lens has one of the most complex designs we’ve ever seen. 27 elements are interspersed along the length of the barrel for superior optical quality. It brings a whole new perspective for both professional and serious amateur macro photographers.


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