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We all know what a huge amount of work is involved in just getting people to look at your photos let alone buy one is! With billions of images uploaded daily across the internet, on goodness knows how many platforms, standing out from the noise is difficult. Not only that, but when you’ve uploaded your photos, if you want more views you have to copy the link, go to your Twitter account, post a tweet, go to your Meta account, post a status, and then you have to do this with every photo every time you upload! How many people can be bothered actually doing that? Very few i assure you! Add to that the average tweet only lasts 15 minutes and the average Meta post (assuming it is even seen these days) averages 6 hours means that you have to go and pick a photo and arrange for it to be tweeted at least every 30 minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reach your audience. Lots of work right?

Well, not anymore. We have spent the last 2 months developing a beta marketing system for all of our Pro users as well as some sharing shortcuts for all of our users. Any non Pro account holder will be able to connect their Twitter and Meta accounts and every-time they upload their images it will be automatically shared to their social media thus instantly increasing their reach without any extra effort on their part. Those of you who are part of our £5 a month Pro accounts, you will be able to schedule posts so that a random image from your account is sent to your social media as often as you like, you can even set your AMS (Automated Marketing System) to deliver an image to your social media every 30 minutes. Assuming each link to each platform only get’s one click, that’s another 96 people a day visiting your image, an extra 3,000 users per month or a staggering 35,712 people hitting your images a year, and that’s before you factor in anyone sharing them to their audiences!

We are keen to see how the uptake of this is, and if it is as we anticipate we will then integrate instagram and Pinterest. We hope to have this released within the next month or so!

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