Six Inventive Photography Techniques Everyone Can Try

Creating stunning photographs doesn’t always require fancy equipment or lots of post-processing. There are some tips and tricks that everyone with a camera and some imagination can try. In this post, we’ve highlighted six inventive ways you can get creative with your photographs. You won’t have to spend a lot, and the results may well surprise you.

Use Water and a Photo Frame to Create a Rain Effect

Rain can often be a difficult condition to shoot in. Although it often yields spectacular results, it means you need a lot of technical knowledge. It also means that you’re likely to get wet. Thankfully, there is a way you can create the same impactful effect with a few simple tools.

Start by getting a spray bottle and filling it with water. Next, you’ll need a clear photo frame with just the glass/plastic screen. By spraying the glass with the water, you can create the effect of a rain-covered window. You can then shoot through this screen to produce some stunning results. You’ll want to play around with the lighting to get the right style.

Use Fairy Lights to Brighten Your Shots

Fairy lights are an accessory that’s incredibly popular with Instagram photographers right now. Although they’re very simple and entirely affordable, the effects they create are varied and interesting.

After purchasing the fairy lights, have your model hold them or drape themselves in them. You can also trail a string of them towards the lens. You want to balance the soft, out of focus lights and the more in-focus subject. Try shooting in different lighting and from different angles to get the most out of the fairy lights.

Use a Lace Table Cloth as a Filter

If you don’t already have some lace material in the house, you can pick some up for very little. The translucent material makes for an excellent filter.

Again, you’ll want to shoot through the lace. You’ll need some fairly specific lighting to maximise the impact of the effect, so experiment and make adjustments as you go. The more solid parts of the lace can add depth to an image.

Use a Prism to Refract Your Images

Prisms are another accessory that has gained popularity amongst Instagrammers. Although an incredibly simple technique, there a whole host of effects that they can create.

Rather than having your model hold the prism, you as the photographer will have to. You should place the prism towards one edge of the lens, so that part of your image refracts. The exact angle you need will depend on the effect you’re trying to create. In reality, there will be a fair amount of trial and error.

Use a Chandelier Crystal to Alter the Light

In a similar way that prisms can refract the image, chandelier crystals can refract the light. Again, if you don’t already have one, you can easily and cheaply buy one.

Use the same technique as with the prism; place the crystal in front of the lens when you’re shooting and experiment with different lighting styles.

Use a CD to Create a Rainbow Effect

The reverse side of a CD makes for an excellent photography accessory. You can bounce light off the surface and reflect a rainbow pattern onto your subject.

You will need a light source, as well as the CD. It will take a bit of practice, some coordination, and experimentation, but you should angle the CD towards your subject. Using a tripod and remote will make this process a lot easier.

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