Presets and styles in Darktable

A massive time saver in photo editing is the ability to save settings for reuse on other images. This may apply to both complete or partial edits and individual settings for the different tools. In Darktable, there are two ways of storing these settings, called presets and styles, respectively.


Presets are stored in each module, containing settings from that module only. Most modules in Darkroom and some in Lighttable can have their settings stored as presets. Just adjust the module to your liking, click the Presets icon in the module header and choose “Store new preset”. Give the preset a name and you’re done. Some modules, like the Tone Curve and Equalizer already have a collection of presets built in.

In Lightroom view, only a few modules have the ability to store presets. In Darkroom, however, all modules on the right hand side can do so, but none of the modules on the left hand side. Presets are also available in som modules in the Map and Print views.


Styles are the settings of multiple modules put together to create a quick way of applying more complex edits, involving more than one module. This is also an easy way to share settings with others. You can exchange styles with your friends, or you can go to websites like or to download styles. On you can also upload your own styles if you create some good ones.

In the Darktable GUI, styles are available both in Lighttable and Darkroom views. In the Styles module in Lighttable, you also have the ability to organize your styles. You can edit them, export them and also import new ones.

To learn more about presets and styles, watch the video below.


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