Can an iPhone Lens Compete With a DSLR?

Smartphone photography is becoming ever more popular. As these handheld and convenient devices improve the quality of their cameras, the quality of the images they can take also improves. The rise of social media platforms has also seen a surge in people getting into photography.

With this popularity come a number of accessories aimed specifically at smartphone photographers. In particular, lenses for these devices. The price and quality of such accessories vary greatly, but can an iPhone lens ever compete with a DSLR in terms of quality?

Moment Lenses

The Moment range of iPhone lenses has three different options you can choose from, a wide angle, superfish, and telephoto. However, in order to use the lenses with your iPhone, you’ll also have to purchase Moment’s phone case. We’ll take a look at each individually:

Wide Angle Moment Lens

This is a lens that’s ideal for vloggers. The usual iPhone lens crops things a little too tightly, which can be frustrating for vlogging. You don’t get quite enough detail in the shot. With the Moment Wide Angle, you get a much wider area to play with, offering a vast improvement over the standard camera.

It’s also good for taking landscape photographs and shooting B-roll. You can achieve a much greater angle of detail.

Superfish Moment Lens

This lens also produces some good results, but perhaps not as impressive as the Wide Angle. It gives an ultra-wide fish-eye effect which can be useful in many different situations. It’s decent for vlogging in certain conditions, but again, the Wide Angle is better.

Telephoto Moment Lens

Similar to the Superfish, this telephoto attachment produces some pleasing results. It provides fairly sharp results, although the bokeh at close range isn’t ideal. For vloggers, the Wide Angle Moment is definitely the best choice.

Better than a DSLR?

Although these lenses are all impressive in terms of their size, cost, and performance, they can’t compete with a DSLR. The Wide Angle is good, particularly for those looking to improve the results of their iPhone photos/videos. You don’t have to worry about learning to use a full camera kit with these lenses, but you definitely sacrifice on quality.

If you can afford a DSLR and are serious about learning photography, then it’s the best choice by far. However, if you’re only vlogging or posting to social media, a Moment Lens could well add some extra quality to your shots and videos.


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