ClickASnap integrates Pinterest

Today we release the next stage in the Automated Marketing System (AMS). Currently Pro account holders can schedule posts to promote their content on Twitter and Meta 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now, they can automatically syndicate their content to Pinterest.

Why is this important?

Pinterest is the second largest traffic driver after Meta, and for imagery, is the number 1 traffic driver. A significant amount of sales are driven by traffic generated from Pinterest due to it’s particular user demographic. A second advantage is that due to Pinterests’ extremely high Domain Authority (DA is an accurate indicator of how high Google ranks your content) any content placed on it and linked through to ClickASnap will show up higher than content placed on other sites. Furthermore, where Twitter typically only drives traffic for 15 minutes after a Tweet, Meta 4 hours after a post, Pinterest drives traffic for a staggering 125 days after the pin is posted!

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10 Responses

    1. You advertise that Pinterest is 24/7 and how it’s the best site to link to, yet its been under maintenance for a while now, is this not false advertising… Your not giving a service your advertising

      1. Pinterest recently updated their API’s without informing any company that worked with them. Unfortunately we are going through the process of getting it all reinstated and it will be live when our new website gets launched later this year

    1. It is out of our control i am afraid. There is no false advertising, it is a service we have offered and plan to reintroduce as soon as the API is made available again. We can offer a partial refund of your Pro fee relative to the Pinterest value which is £0.40. Please raise a support ticket and they will send this to you

    1. Pinterest a while ago deprecated all of their API’s. We plan to reintroduce this as we have now gone through the certification process to be allowed access. I am not sure when it will be in at this time however

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