ClickASnap featured photographer; Mark Bjorndal

I am Mark Bjorndal, born and raised in Western Washington State, or what we call the Great Pacific Northwest. The son of a Norwegian Sailor and Merchant Marine (My Dad) who inspired me to set sail as well. I joined the Navy at 17 and at graduating High School, I set sail upon the U.S Eisenhower (CVN-69) with a squadron of aircraft as an aircraft engine mechanic. I did this for the next 22 years where I retired while in Japan.

Married to a beautiful woman from Hong Kong (We met in Beijing), she has been my number one source of encouragement and help through my trials in life and in “Our” photography. She is my mainstay.

I have always had a love for photography and even had my own film darkroom. While overseas, I turned to digital and fell in love all over again with the trade after years of being away.

While teaching in Japan and in China, I had created my hobby/business called MSKT Photography ® and have been going ever since (2009 to present). The MSKT stands for my daughter, two boys, and grandson.

My main interest is in outdoor, event, and portraiture photography. You can see some of my work here

Mark Bjorndal D.Min. (P)

United States Navy RetiredMark and Yuk Mei (Karen)

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