3 years and going strong! Mike Browne interviews ClickaSnap CEO Tom Oswald

Our unique photo sharing site Clickasnap is now 3 years old and going from strength to strength! For an online tech startup that shares its revenue with its users, which is competing against some of the biggest companies in the World, and has had some pretty major run ins with these companies, i personally think, to get this far is pretty darned impressive. We still have a very long way to go, there are many bugs that need to be fixed, hundreds of new features that need to be brought in to ensure we stay technologically ahead of any competition, plus continue to give our users unrivalled features not found encompassed within any one platform available today, and continue to refine usability of the platform. We’re growing, and we will continue to do so, and there is not one single reason why, in time, photographers could not be earning as much as YouTubers for just posting their photos online. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed making it for you

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23 Responses

  1. Hi am not receiving any credit for my view i have ad free subscription which allow to paid for view i have 13 or 14 views but my credit is 0.0c what you say about this?

    1. You would have to supply more details than that unfortunately. But paid views always lag views by 48 hours

      1. Hello, I have ad Pro seller subscription wich mean that my posts are boosted. I want to know Why I only have 0.05 cents, for 37 views ? I dont understand. Normaly, this is 0.60 cent per view.
        What do you say about that ?

  2. Goodafternoon ceo
    My name is Drissmartijn I am a proffesional photographer/artist I make pictures of clouds with figures/faces I have also a website http://www.figuresintheclouds.com where you can see them I want to sell them on this site also but they are made 8 years ago with a older Samsung phone is that a problem?? I like to know from you if you see something in the cloudpictures I’ve made



    1. Hi, as long as you can prove the images are yours should you be asked, then yes not a problem at all

    2. Bonjour je n’arrive pas a mettre ou voir l’abonnement a 2 dollars je me dit je veux prendre le plus chere met est ce que il seras facile à s’en servir.

  3. Hello there,

    I just watched the whole interview!
    I wish you good of luck.

    Best regards from Germany

  4. I did loaded about 26 image and every time I log in all my pictures are gone… is not even in my profile… this is a scam. Also I did have the premium membership. This is funny. Is not about the money is about all my time I did invest in this website.

    1. Hi, if your pictures are gone, there is a very good chance they are not yours. If they are, please contact support

  5. So I went to make a withdraw and it’s telling me a new balance since my last withdraw but I haven’t received any payment and it’s been two days..

    1. Hi, we recently changed the denomination from ‘cents’ to ‘$’ to make it less confusing for our users. Your balance is the same, it is just shown in dollars instead of cents

  6. Hi, you would have to be alot more specific. Are the views authentic or not? If they are authentic then it takes upto 48 hours for paid views to be reported in the user dashboard

  7. Good morning from South Africa i am sooo excited about this site. I love taking photos and now i can share it with the world and start making money. During lock down our B and B is dying and as a single mom i can still earn and making money. Just question because im still figuring out the whole process. Do you suggest i put all my photos on the market please and what i the method people buying prints or digital. Which is better?

  8. Hi. I was so pleased to see your standards posted, “Do not upload images which contains content in breach of our terms of service, including, but not limited to; images which contain nudity, soft porn, violence, gore, drugs, illegal acts, spam content and images you do not own,” that I joined and purchased a pro account immediately. Within a minute I see three photos on what I guess would be my home page: a lingerie model, a naked woman from the back, and a half naked woman standing in front of a church stained glass window. Are the standards that you post true, or just something you post to for ethical appearances? I understand that nudity is a beautiful art form. I just don’t want to have it imposed on me, which is why I joined Clickasnap. It’s your company and you can do whatever you want – I get that. But if your standards are just fluff, I’ll stay on Flickr where at least I can disable those images. Thanks.

    1. Hi, we define nudity as clear shots of genitals or nipples. As the content you allude to is not showing any of those it is allowed on the platform

  9. Good morning from Nigeria I was so excited about the site I love sharing my clothes desgin now I can now make money with it thanks

  10. Just want to use this space to thank the creator for providing us with such a beautiful creation to capture with our lenses. Also, I would like to thank the creators & the whole ClickASnap team for doing such a wonderful job. You guys rock!!
    Last but not the least, i would like to thank my fellow Snappers for being such a positive & encouraging group of people. Let’s carry on with the amazing role we all play and instead of doing work, realise it’s just play and enjoy our time here since there is no promise of tomorrow ^^

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