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Our photo sharing website is unique in many ways, especially with our paid per view systems. But where we are similar to other sites is where we use algorithms to determine how the site works and what users do. We like to be as open and transparent as we can be so our users can maximise their exposure on the platform, so here’s a few tips and tricks

  1. When you sign up, as part of the process a user is presented with a number of people whom they can choose to follow. These people are selected from 2 pools. Any Account holder whom promotes their profile and any holder who has logged in within 14 days. This ensures our new users always follow active users.
  2. Clickasnap has an integrated feed, similar to Meta and Instagram. This feed however, has absolutely no restrictions on reach or order. For every 1 follower you have on Clickasnap, on Meta or Instagram is the equivalent of 1,000 likes or followers based on their sub 1% current reach. We have no plans to change this. Our ethos is that if your timeline gets too full you will unfollow those whom are least interesting to you.
  3. All payments are manually approved. We use sophisticated bot detection techniques to determine if views are fake or not. Trust me when I say they stand out like a sore thumb. Many sites like this have gone bankrupt because they have not spent enough resources to deal with this problem, or they’ve taken the easy way out and blocked external views, (which ultimately kills the platform). So don’t use bots, don’t even try as you’re just wasting your time and very likely money too.
  4. There is a random time period of between 1 and 3 hours per photo where the user can get credit again from the same viewer. When someone puts a comment on your photo always take the time to reply, this will almost always bring the user back to that image, and may even start a conversation. Given the time to read and write a reply, almost every one is a paid view
  5. Our most active and engaged audience is in the USA, that means the best time to post is between 6PM and midnight GMT
  6. Always put an interesting description in, and if the product is for sale include this in your description. Google is then much more likely to index it, and therefore people are much more likely to find your image
  7. Always add your images to at least one category. If you don’t the chances of them being seen again by a random user of the site is very slim. This is because uncategorised images only reside in the ‘Recently uploaded’ category and that has 500+ photos piled into it per day
  8. We do have bugs, and we are working to address them. Please don’t assume we won’t fix things as fast as our resources allow
  9. There are usability issues across the site, we are aware of these and don’t assume that how Clickasnap looks today, will be the same as tomorrow. The art of building a platform like this, with a multi hundred million user end goal is that it requires constant adjustments based on the feedback our users give us. This takes time and unfortunately, can result in disruption
  10. Watermarks, feel free to upload photos with watermarks on but don’t expect it to protect your image. I can remove a watermark on my phone in about 5 seconds. All they do is ruin the image, 9 out of 10 times. Images that are displayed on Clickasnap are compressed and the only access to the original is if the photographer allows downloads.
  11. Don’t upload photos you haven’t taken. We do not condone piracy, and it may well take a while for you to be found out. But as soon as you attempt to cash out your images will be checked, and if they’re not yours your account will be banned immediately.
  12. Do not upload pornography. No nipples or genitals must be shown. If in doubt, ask, i always respond to enquiries within a few hours

I hope you find some of this information useful, and if you’ve any questions or suggestions please pop a post in the forums and we’ll always look into it as promptly as we can

Tom Oswald

CEO & Founder

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49 Responses

  1. Hi Tom.. just a quick question, once the image has been paid and download by a customer, can that image be used for any purposes.. thanks again

    1. Hi Sam, entirely upto you. If you wish it to only be used for certain purposes then add this to the description. We do plan to bring in a stock imagery section of the site however

  2. Hi Tom,
    I have not offered any of mine for download yet. What is to stop someone paying a nominal amount for a download and then using that image commercially without permission, or uploading it elsewhere as their own?
    Thank you

  3. Hey, I recently got some viewers to test it’s legitimacy but I didn’t see my earning increase it’s still at 0. Not only that I see that it says I only get 4cents a view. I thought it was 15

    1. I am a new user. I signed up, but I can’t rearrange my photos, and I cannot reply to comments. Also, I cannot find a way to trash my photos. So I feel like I’m locked into all three things.

      1. There isn’t a way to rearrange photos on any site to my knowledge although it is something we plan to introduce. To delete photos go to your profile and hover over the image you would like to delete and and a trash can appears. As for replying to comments, simply click on the arrow to the right of each comment

  4. With regard to the repeated and unacceptable views, why not delete them automatically in order to avoid confusion between real and imaginary views. This is just an opinion and thanks.

  5. Am i able to advertise on other social media accounts such as discord and instagram? And how will the site know if they are fake views or not?

  6. Hi, I uploaded a photo with a description but when I tried to remove the description, I can no longer remove it, same with the profile biography. And also if I check the format of my biography, it doesn’t look the same format when I’m checking it using the other mobiles.

    Please advice. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, We would suggest clearing your cache and trying again. IF that fails please contact our support desk

  7. Hi I was just wondering how you get paid so I uploaded photos and I have had so r views but my little piggy bank still says zero how do I fix this

  8. Hi Tom,
    Do I understand correctly when I assume that the view is 40 cents and not 4 cents?
    Also, where and how can I use the credits to promote my images on social media?

  9. Hi why do some of my pictures appear sideways on my profile and how do I fix it? They turn upright when I click on the picture… also, do the viewers see them sideways before they click on it as well?

    1. It’s a known issue that is being worked on currently. In the meantime please open your image in a photo editing program and just save it as the correct orientation and it will solve this issue

  10. Hi, Tom
    I’ve paid for the premium package
    I have gotten some views, but it’s only showing .01 per view… why is this?

    1. .01 what per view? You’ve literally just written a number there and no units. Is it cars? Carrots? Bananas? Without units a number is just a number and could be anything

      1. Hi, why is there a question mark on one of my images please? I can see all my photos except the one with a question mark.

    1. Sometimes the orientation data isn’t properly applied to the photos. We’re working on a fix to this but in the meantime simply load the images into an image editing program and save them in the correct orientation

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