Selling your photos with ClickAsnaps new client choice system

As many of you know, we offer full print on demand services for your photos here on Clickasnap. We have spent a lot of time over the last 2 years refining our product creation system for our users. Now, whilst it is fine for the user who sells the odd product, or has a few images they want to sell, it is a nightmare for those of us who have hundreds of images to sell. Couple that with 200+ products available to our users (plus our new provider supplying over 1,000 products coming in next year) just setting up 10 images for sale could, and often does take a significant amount of time. Couple that with; What products should you sell? Who wants what? What happens if I setup a load of products and the buyer wants one of the ones i haven’t setup? You can then roll this into the crop, the dimensions of the product, the finish on the product and the list goes on! Furthermore, having 100 products linked to one image can often confuse the buyer. With so many options in front of them it just makes life complex for everyoneinvolved and no one wants that.

So, please look at these two videos and see how the first stage of the new system works. Once all the bugs are ironed out we will then roll out phase 2 which will include the addition of a simple profit margin setting and make this process even simpler

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